Monday, 10 May 2010

In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products:

For my media project I have been told to create a website that is based on a charity website, I have chosen to use a campaign that is similar to ‘Talk to Frank’ which helps people learn about drugs, helps people with addiction to drugs and so on. The name of the campaign is ‘Chat To Charlie’, my colleague and I have been inspired by the ‘Talk To Frank’ campaign and have based our name quite similar to the website. The word ‘Charlie’ is also known as cocaine so we felt this would be quite useful as people may figure out it is a drug campaign whereas ‘Talk To Frank’ isn’t as effective as people may not know what the campaign is based around.

My media product challenges other websites by the layout of the website the background picture is an image of a wall/fence this is used to make the website seem behind closed doors and secretive, this means that the audience may feel that their identity is safe.

I have also given a traffic light scheme on my home page with the boxes in red, amber and green. This effect is done just to bring do the readers attention to the screen and is just a nice addition to the page instead of having a random colour scheme.

This is my home page, where it says ‘WANT TO QUIT BINGE DRINKING’, you can see the writing in red, it is normally in white but when the cursor scrolls over it changes to red, this happens to ‘WANT TO QUIT SMOKING’ accept that colour is amber, and ‘WANT TO QUIT CANABIS?’ is in a green colour, this is like I explained in my previous paragraph.

The text from the website is always in a box that has shade around, and the shade is coloured, I have done this so that it stands out and I have kept every piece of text coordinated to make it look more tidy instead of having different patterns for text. The colour of the inside of the box is black, this is done as effect because the campaign is quite dull and depressing because so many lives are ruined.

One of my pages is an interview with an ex drug addict, the page is very simple and just has a caption and a video on the page, this is done so that people can just focus on the video and nothing else because this page is very important so I wanted the readers to have full attention of what I wanted to get across to them.

I have three pages on quitting cannabis, alcohol and smoking cigarettes. This is done because all around the country many teenagers suffer from addiction of some of these examples. On the pages I have introduced some facts about each of them, this is done to let the viewers be aware of what they are dealing with. Obviously it is not done to scare the reader but we hope that they will give a second thought into what they are doing to their body. At the end of each page of the three we have left a message at the bottom saying ‘REMEMBER YOU CAN QUIT!’, this is done because we want to encourage our viewers because it is proven that to get rid of an addiction willpower is required so we are reminding our viewers that they can do it if they really want to.

I have a page on A-Z drugs, each letter in the alphabet is filled with a colour, this is eye catchy, it brings the readers attention to the page and makes them want to read more. The size of the boxes aren’t all the same size because I wanted to space things out and I feel it looks better rather than having 26 boxes all the same size and shapes.

Chat To Charlie

This is the A-Z on drugs page, as you can see from the ‘Talk to Frank’ A-Z page that they are quite similar as I was inspired from this page as I thought it was effective as people can see what the drugs are if they have heard of it but aren’t too sure what it is.

Talk To Frank

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