Monday, 10 May 2010

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My website represents the middle class and the lower middle class (social grade B, C1). By doing this I have decided to use larger images and less text, this will attract the lower class as a higher class would rather be reading something than viewing images.

The font is of a large size, this is another method I have used to attract a lower class of people. I have provided vital information for people rather than waffling on about something.

When talking about drug addicts, it is very rare that you are going to find a ‘social grade A’ group of people that are drug addicts. This is another way in which my website represents a lower classed group of people, it is more likely that they can relate to the website.

The images that I have used give a dull environment to them, I decided to do this because the topic of drugs and alochol is dull. People in a lower class could relate to this because having a dull environment could be the way in which they live in. The background images are of walls and fencing, I thought that this could give an affect of the viewer feeling enclosed so it could come accross that talking to ‘Chat To Charlie’ is confidential and the information that you tell them will not be told to anyone.

As you can see in the print screen on the left the background is of a fence, which gives the impression that the website is enclosed and is safe to talk to as the information will only be left with ‘Chat To Charlie’.

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