Monday, 10 May 2010

How did you attract/address your audience?

When looking for a young audience you have to think back to when you were young and think what would attract you to something.

I have decided to use bright colors for fonts and text boxes to attract the audience, a younger generation would look towards bright cheerful colors rather than white and black colors.

As you can see on my homepage, it is eye catchy by the size of the fonts and text boxes, the colors appear through a scroll over. The one text box that stands out from the others is the ‘DONATE NOW’ box, this is used because for my point of view this is the most important page of the website, having donations will help the website running successfully.

As you can see in this print screen, the color scheme is bright and in your face, this brings the readers attention to the page and makes them want to read on. This would appeal more to a younger audience like teenagers than adults.

For the ‘WANT TO QUIT CANNABIS’ page I have decided to use the color scheme of green, this is an indication of cannabis. The green also stands out nicely and the background image makes the font stand out as well because the image is a light colour.

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