Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Website Brief

Website Brief

For my media project I have been told to create a website which is based on charity work, I have decided to base my charity around a drug/ alcohol/ smoking campaign to stop people from their addictions to these drugs.

The name that I have come up with is ‘Chat to Charlie’ which was inspired by ‘Talk to Frank’, the word ‘Charlie’ is also known as cocaine so it has a relevance to it, maybe some people may be able to recognise this as well. The name of the charity also has alliteration, this effect is used so that it is easier to remember.

I have chosen this as a charity as nowadays teenagers are all struggling with someone to talk to and the website I have created will enable them to talk to someone and understand what they are doing to themselves. I thought that this website would appeal to more people rather than doing it on something like saving animals as there are so many charities that already are animal based.

The main competitor that we will be facing is ‘Talk To Frank’ who are well known around the country. I have been studying their website and looking at the way their website is laid out and I have been inspired by the way they have displayed the A-z on drugs.

My target audience for the campaign is aimed towards teenagers and young adults, these are the group of people who are mostly affected to the addiction of the drugs. The text that is displayed is in a modern way, so that gives an indication that the target audience is not for an older generation.

My website will have the same text throughout to make it look more professional, the text will always be in a shaded box which will have a colour around the box. This will make the text standout more and bring the readers attention to the text.

The website will function in a simple way, there is not too many links to make it unnecessary and confusing for the reader. M home page will have 5 main links, quit drinking, quit smoking, quit cannabis, interview with ex drug addict and a donate now page. These 5 pages are all vital for the website, these are the main pages and that is emphasized by the size of the text and the box.

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  1. Ben
    Please make it clear on your blog that this is AS media studies. There is a lot for you to post still:
    Checklist -
    These are your AS Blogspot posts.
    1. Review
    2. Website analysis and review
    3. Survey starter
    4. Media brief
    5. Website annotations
    6. Improved brief
    7. Young and Rubicam survey result and comment
    8. Website research findings
    9.Main survey

    - followed by the seven points (you must read and use Seven point evaluation)

    In what ways . . . conventions
    Representation of social groups
    Website distribution
    Who your audience is
    How you attract your audience
    What you have learned about technology
    What you have learned in the progression from first site to main site.

    This is the link to the seven point evaluation in full: AS seven key questions only.doc

    All your work must have your survey to support it, especially questions 2, 4 and 5.

    You must use the AS seven key questions sheet really well - all the questions that you must answer are there.
    Your survey isn't available on the blog, and this has to be there, properly analysed, and used in the seven points as evidence.
    Your video needs completion.
    'Chat to Charlie' looks good: your evaluation of this must be supported with your survey, screen shots and annotations, and audience theory.
    Time is running out!